Tralinka French Bulldogs

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Satine        Acquirabull Lookatme

DOB: 25/11/2015     DNA: Clear of all Diseases.     Hip: 9/12      Elbow: 1/1      Spine: 12 (no 3's)

Satine is possibly the most chilled and calm French Bulldog we’ve ever met. She’s snuggly, and cuddly, and loves to lay in the sun and relax. She’s short and compact, and is a brilliant shade of red fawn, with a correct bite. She’s not so heavy in head that she looks cloddy, maintaining a feminine feel even though she is so heavily built. Satine will get along with just about anyone (except at dinner time) although “exercise” is a foreign word to her. She much prefers to just relax in someone else’s company, and chill, rather than play zoomies about the garden. Probably the reason why she’s spent most of her adult life on a restricted diet… Satine has proven quite the difficult subject when it comes to reproduction, although she has had one son that is just like her in nature. We hope that Satine may give us a whole litter of puppies some time in the future, as her temperament is just divine and we can’t wait to see that passed along to the next generation.

Lulu        Buntalini Chingy

DOB: 30/12/2015      DNA: Carrier DM      Hip: 1/2      Elbow: 0/0     Spine: 10 (no 3's)

Lulu is a beautiful black and white pied girl. She’s considered an “extreme pied”, as she has only a bit of black on her face, and then a single small patch of black down her back. She has thrown plenty of solid colour though, even to a pied boy, so she certainly has the genes for it. Lulu is a dominant girl, and is quick to decide which dogs she likes and who she doesn’t like. She’s outgoing, adventurous, and amazingly obedient for a Frenchie. She loves doing what she’s told, and always waits for her pats in rewards afterwards. Almost like she’s showing Kikki how it’s done, since Kikki is the world’s most disobedient dog! Lulu is still very cheeky though. Anything left too close to the edge of her dog run is quickly pulled straight inside, and within seconds she’s running up and down with her “prize”, teasing everyone else and playing the best game of “keep me off”. Lulu is also one of those rare French Bulldogs that does not have an elongated soft palate, which means she breathes very well, has great stamina, but doesn't stop her from snoring like a freight train at night! Ya gotta love a Frenchie snore!!

Kikki     Hypablue Kiki

DOB: 21/11/2015    DNA: Clear   Hip:         Elbow:       Spine:   

Ah, Kikki. What can we say? She is a dilemma, that’s for sure. Kikki loves people. She loves to snuggle and be cuddled, she loves attention. Yet when she’s busy doing something, she’ll totally and completely ignore everyone. She takes the term “convenient deafness” to the extreme, so much so that we were even testing her hearing in the belief she may have been deaf. But no, there’s nothing wrong with her hearing, just with that Bulldog stubbornness that means she’ll do as she’s told when she’s ready to, and not a moment before! Yet Kikki has a wonderfully gentle nature, happy go lucky, non aggressive, and she’ll play with just about anyone. Which is why it confuses us so that she’ll love us one minute and ignore us the next! Kikki is a chocolate pied girl, with a bit of brindle in her chocolate and a LOT of speckling on her white. So far, she’s not thrown anywhere near that level of speckling into her babies, and their whites come out a lot brighter than their mother’s. Her puppies do tend to inherit her wonderful nature, though. French Bulldogs are not known as dogs suitable for Therapy dog work, yet two of Kikki’s pups in her last litter went on into homes as companion animals for young adults with disabilities. The puppies were just as calm and relaxed as any Therapy puppy (although all Bulldogs fail in the submission test!).


Gigi Mojobabies I Dream of Gigi

DOB: 09/03/2017   DNA: Carrier DM    Hip:     Elbow:    Spine:  

Now we know French Bulldogs are supposed to have “bat ears”, but Gigi takes that to the extreme. I’ve never seen a Frenchie with bigger ears. Added to her slender outline, and striking, rich red colour, she certainly is eye catching. She’s a very outgoing girl, energetic and she loves nothing more than to run and play. Gigi is built along slender, sleek lines. She has a finer head, and longer body than the average Frenchie. This does give her a tremendous amount of speed, and she can keep going for hours! We hope that she’ll slow down and let the fat stick to her sides eventually, but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen any time soon. She can give birth naturally, quite a rare feat for a French Bulldog, and she’s a natural mother. She pups often inherit her rich, red fawn colouration, and her length of body, and with a heavier set boy as the father they are absolutely stunning.


Fleur     Tralinka Fleur de Lys

DOB: 16/04/2018      DNA: Clear      Hip: TBA   Elbow: TBA   Spine: TBA

The first thing you notice about Fleur is her stunning colour, closely followed by her unusually coloured eyes, and then by the way her muscled physique just ripples in the sunshine. Fleur is a masked lilac fawn, one of the rare diluted colours previously frowned upon. She is both a dilute, plus chocolate, plus fawn. Daughter of Kikki and Marcel, she’s one of our first home bred babies. She’s still very young, only just starting to move out of the “puppy crazy” stage, although she still has her mad moments. Fleur is outgoing and very energetic, but in a typically Bulldog style she is either full stop or full go, there’s no inbetween. Then again her parents may have had a little input into that, as she’s a perfect combination of her mother’s calm and gentle nature and her father’s ball-crazed, focussed attitude. Fleur is an amazing breather for a French Bulldog, assisted by her longer muzzle, and she keeps herself naturally lean and fit. We have high hopes for this girl.

Lola                                          Tralinka She was a Showgirl

DOB: 19/04/2018     DNA: Carrier DM.     Hip: TBA    Elbow: TBA     Spine: TBA

Lola is one of the cheekiest, and most mischievous French Bulldogs you’re ever likely to meet. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth… unless you’re out of the room and there’s something naughty she wants to get up to! She is one of our homebred babies, still quite young, but she’s maturing into an amazing looking girl. Short and compact, strong and muscular, she is everything a French Bulldog should be, yet she manages to maintain a pretty face without being too chunky. Lola is a blue and white extreme pied girl, her whites a brilliant colour without speckling or discolouration. She has two dots of blue on her one side, and when she was born these perfectly resembled an exclamation mark. They’ve smudged a little as she’s grown, but you can still see it from certain angles. Mischief sparkles in her eyes, and Lola LOVES to play, and play, and play. She’s never aggressive towards other dogs, but they can end up being annoyed with her, from her endless desire to play and run, and to just be moving… until she’s had enough and then she sleeps like the dead (and even a tornado wouldn’t wake her).


Bonzabull Mon Cheri Amour

DOB: 17th October 2016    DNA: Clear      HIP:        ELBOW:         SPINE:

This girl is amazing. Frenchies are well known for their breathing issues and lack of stamina when it comes to any sort of exercise. Cheri is the dog that proves them all wrong. I swear she could outrun a Kelpie! She is energetic, outgoing and confident. Her greatest joy in life is to play, play play, and she’s not in the slightest bit aggressive. But her endless movement can cause other dogs to become aggressive with her, as they try to get her to just stop and be still for a few moments. Physically, Cheri is ripped. Her muscle definition is simply incredible, and she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. She is a blue and tan in colour, although her tan points do lack a little definition, and she has the huge, rounded bat-ears that are so purely French Bulldog. Cheri isn’t the best at snuggling with someone on the couch, as she’s just too energetic for that, but she does like her cuddles for a short time. She’s more interested in what’s going on around her and what mischief she can get up to. We are so hopeful that Cheri can pass on her amazing stamina and breathing into the next generation, and we eagerly await her future puppies.