Tralinka French Bulldogs

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Marcel          Skylos Marcelo

DOB: 13/05/2016   DNA: Clear    Hip: 13/14    Elbow: 0/0   Spine: 13 (one butterfly)

Colour: ay/ay, B/b, d/d, E/e, Em/En, Kb/Kbr. Long hair: nil.

Marcel is a wonderful little man, compact and so very muscular. His shoulders are built like a tank, and he uses them to great advantage when it comes to holding down his toys so he can destroy them. For a dog with a short muzzle, and a relatively small head, Marcel is incredibly adept at chewing and terminating even the hardiest of dog toys. But he loves them all as well, never content unless he’s carrying something in his mouth and teasing the girls with his “prize”. Marcel is a blue and white pied male, with just a hint of brindling along his back. He carries an assortment of colours, and you just never quite know what you’ll get when he produces a litter. He doesn’t have an elongated soft palate, and with his slightly more forward set muzzle it means he has great breathing potential to pass along to his puppies. In personality, he is a lover rather than a fighter, although if someone picks a fight, he won’t back away from it. But he gets along with most of the other dogs (Lulu hates him, but that’s from her point of view and not his!) and is quite sociable considering he is both entire and a bulldog. Marcel’s greatest joy is to play fetch, and he’d keep going and going all day long if you let him. His puppies tend to inherit his joy for play, and they certainly have a zest for life, especially when paired with an energetic and outgoing bitch. He is available at stud.




Tralinka The Bouncing Zebedee

DOB: 16/05/2019    DNA: TBA   Hip: TBA   Elbow: TBA   Spine: TBA

Zebedee is our little baby. Son of Satine and Marcel. Born in a litter of two, we lost his brother within the first few days, and then he was all alone. Rejected by his mother, Zebedee was handraised, bottlefed, and pampered by everyone. His biggest problem was a total lack of siblings, and without any French Bulldog litters around at the same time, he grew up with Labrador puppies as his foster siblings. Now he’s old enough, and big enough, to meet the other Frenchies and he’s playing with his mother. Zebedee is a dilute red fawn male, so his colouration is a little unique. DNA is still pending, but we suspect he may be maskless. He’s a confident little boy, outgoing and just as even tempered and calm as his mother. He enjoys his cuddles and demands everyone new says hello to him. We can’t wait to see how this boy matures.