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Welcome to Tralinka French Bulldogs. In the following pages you’ll find a wealth of information about us and our dogs, and about French Bulldogs in general. We hope you find it useful and of interest. We have been involved with the breeding and showing of dogs since the early 1990’s, starting out with Rough Collies, before beginning work with Labrador Retrievers in 2006, and then introducing the French Bulldog to our lives in 2015. Our lives have been an adventure for many years, and we have no plans to stop any time soon!

In the vast majority of cases, when we have pups available, they are sold on the Limited Register, which is on the proviso they are NOT FOR BREEDING. If you are interested in a puppy for breeding/showing purposes, then please call us and we shall discuss the conditions of such a sale. If you’re interested in using one of our boys for Stud, then please feel free to contact us (Registered Breeders only).


It was only after twenty years of dog breeding, that we felt capable and knowledgeable enough to start breeding French Bulldogs. This is not an easy breed of dog to work with, many of them having multiple health and genetic faults, but we are up for the challenge. We have the vision of moulding French Bulldogs into a better type of dog, with less health issues than they have now. One of the ways we have decided to do this is to soften some of the extremes to which French Bulldogs have been bred in the past. Emphasis has been placed on the disfigurement of their faces, reducing their muzzle to a backwards slanting nose and nothing more. This creates multiple health problems, that’s a proven fact. We prefer a slightly more forward face, with a nose that sits vertical on a tiny snub of a muzzle, and nostrils that are open and able to draw in air. We prefer a dog without an elongated soft palate, who has the ability to breathe and function as a dog should. Over the years the French Bulldog has also been sculpted into a dog with a large head, broad and strong shoulders, and narrow hips. This makes it almost impossible for the bitches to give birth naturally. We prefer a French Bulldog that is broader and stronger in the back end, able to whelp litters naturally. This is a work in progress, and it’s still early days in our breeding program, but this is our vision for the French Bulldog.


We are also in love with the rainbow of colours that are possible in the French Bulldog. From the striking blues, lilacs and chocolates, to the wonderful array in the shades of fawn. The possibilities are almost endless, and we love them all. We don’t breed coloured French Bulldogs because we want to make a heap of money from the “exotic” colours, we just love all the possibilities. We charge the same price for all our puppies, regardless of their sex or colour, so there’s no price hiking here.


For all of the above reasons, it quickly became apparent that our dogs would not be welcome in the show ring, and nor would they be welcomed as registered French Bulldogs with the ANKC, or DogsWest. The emphasis placed on an unhealthy body type, and with limiting colours to only two variants (brindle and plain fawn, either solid colours or with white), ANKC registration just didn’t seem to be the place for us. As a consequence, we became registered breeders with the MDBA, Master Dog Breeder’s Association. This is a relatively new, internationally linked, pedigree dog registry. The basic principles of registration are all the same as for ANKC and DogsWest, except they have no restrictions to colours and there is an emphasis on the health of the animal rather than how it conforms to the “standard”.


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